Aliexpress review – fake Canada goose jacket

Fake Canada goose jacket from Aliexpres reviewed

Canada Goose jackets are very expensive in Denmark and I was a little sceptic when ordering a fake CG jacket from Aliexpress. I have heard rumors that the fake Canada goose jackets use fur from dogs. I asked the seller on Aliexpress and he told me it was rabbit. Canada Goose has received a lot of critisism in Denmark for their treatment of animals and almost all shops have stopped selling CG jackets. Guess they are not better than the Chinese suppliers!
I decided to go for one and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. Price was 156$ for the fake Canada Goose jacket and I paid an additional 32$ to have it send with DHL.

Fake Canada goose quality review

fake canada gooseI guess there are many different qualities of Canada Goose jackets from Aliexpress or from China in general. The jacket is trimmed with fur from what I think is rabbit. I would, however, not use this fake Canada Goose in the harsh extremes of a North American winter. But it is warm enough for a Danish winter.
It is not contaminated with chicken parts or other smelly stuff which I have read could happen if buying a fake CG jacket. Thus I have tried that once with a jacket from China!
There are no misspellings and the hologram is there as well. I have seen some replica CG jackets misspelling the words Arctic’ and ‘Canada.
I won’t get any warranty though, but I think that overall it is a nice jacket. I you compare it to a real Canada Goose jacket it is pretty close. The colors are a little faded and the detailing is a little off. But you can buy 5-8 fake Canada Goose jackets at the price of a real one.

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There are many different models for both women and men on Aliexpress. Searh for Ganada jacket, Canada jacket, Canada parka, Goose jacket, Goose parke, cg jacket, cg parka. There are probably more terms but I consider these the best.
beneath I have put some pictures of the jacket – Enjoy.

fake Canada goose Aliexpress
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4 thoughts on “Aliexpress review – fake Canada goose jacket

  1. Do you know the name of the seller on aliexpress? I’m planning on buying a cg but there are so many different sellers on alieexpress

    • Hi, unfortunately I cant find the exact seller I used for my transaction. If I were you, I would find the most reliable seller (the one with the best overall feedback score) who sells CG jackets. Also read the bad feedback to see what problems there might be with the seller.

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